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Gaming Passes & Discounts


Entrance $8 per day

-Come in and play

-Choose from our in store selection of Board games & Card Games


Gamers Multi-Pass Card $40.00

- Six (6) visits, save $8

-Share with Friends and Family..

-A complimentary hot or cold drink with every visit.

(a $12.00 value @ $2 per drink) That’s just $6.65 per visit.


You can also donate a board game to the in-store library

and get a free Multi-pass card ask for details!



The Short details-

Any shopping and browsing are always free !

Entrance/ cover charge is $8 per day -Come in and play -Choose from our in store selection of Board games & Card Games - Use of our tabletop gaming tables and cool scenery.


Games have "rules" so here are ours !

For the enjoyment of all, we do have a few rules:

Outside food or drink are not permitted.

Except where noted (via reservation card), tables are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Tables and our game library are free for the use of our cafe customers. (You are a cafe customer if you are have paid the cover charge )

You are welcome to bring your own games.

Please choose an appropriately sized table for your group. some tables are set up for miniature games other are set up for board games we will help with what you need its a service we are happy to do for you!

Tables may not be combined or moved without first speaking with a member of staff. (Generally 6-10 cafe customers in a group are required to combine tables.

Sometimes a group is looking for others to play a game; sometimes they just want to play with their private group.  Please respect others and see if they have a mini-flag on thier table … Nail the colours!

If you are looking for other players to join your game or if you would like to join someone else’s game then please…


Desk top flags are by the board game library, putting one on your table is "NAILING THE COLOURS" It is a old nautical term have fun with it , a great way to meet new friends or find that much needed extra player.

Some games can tend toward being loud and obnoxious… be respectful to your neighbor tables that are not playing your game and please keep the volume to reasonable levels

During extremely busy periods customers not making reasonable purchases of food and/or drinks may be asked to give up their table for other cafe customers who are waiting for a table.

Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, etc. is not permitted inside the store.

To protect our scenic gaming tables, miniature painting or model building are only permitted during store sponsored events using provided table coverings and only on specifically designated tables (see a member of staff first).
Children and teens 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Have fun and respect each other!