Adler Hobby & Game Center  

515 D.W. Highway Merrimack NH 03054 603-606-1946

About Adler Hobby Game Center

 Adler Hobby LLC is a mom and pop brick and mortar store for table top games. 

Adler run a lot of fun games We have been doing this since 2005.   Historical and sci fi figures played on custom made scenic tables similar to miniature trains tables . We also do events in store and at conventions ( Huzzah ) and, when possible, we are also available for local schools that might be interested  historical battles using miniature soldiers from , French Indian War, Revolutionary and WW2. 

We do things hands on, so when you shop with us your helping a real local store who contributes to promoting the area gaming community full of real people!

We carry Miniatures Historical to Sci-Fi, board games, scenery, paints and supplies.


Mission Stament

Adler Game Center Mission statement

1.) To play tabletop games with a focus on sportsmanship, good scenery and the painting of models.

2.) To have fun and to play tabletop games were everyone feels welcome!

3.) To play games in which losing gracefully is greater than winning.

4.) To show respect to everyone and everything at the game tables.

5.) Historical games being our main focus but other genres of games are always welcomed and encouraged!

6.) Members are encouraged to promote and host a game of their favorite genre if possible.